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Title: SPRING (SPorts-based intervention for Refugees INclusion with a Gender perspective)

Coordinator: Barca Foundation (ES)

Partners: Organization Earth (GR)

                St. Pauli (GE)

                Girl Power Organisation (DK) 

                Monaliiku (FIN) 

                AE Ramassa (ES)

Project's Duration: 24 months (1/2021 – 12/2022)

Short description

The project partnership will design, pilot and evaluate a sports-based intervention with a gender perspective to foster social integration of asylum-seekers and people with asylum (refugees) in Catalonia, Greece, Germany and Denmark.

Target group

Refugees, asylum seekers.


Deliverable 1:

Deliverable 2:

Deliverable 3:

Deliverable 4:

Deliverable 5:

Deliverable 6:

Deliverable 7:

Desk-Based Research Report:

Identification of best practices – current refugee inclusion initiatives and policies (reference other EU funded projects REWINS, INSPIRE, Sport Welcomes Refugees).

Needs Assessment Report:

Barça Foundation to visit each participating organization to understand needs of gender-related target group (coaches, refugees), jointly define coach profiles, and scope of the project for the upcoming 2021/22 season. The specific output for this deliverable will be a needs assessment report written by Barça Foundation.

Sport and Gender Intervention – Guidelines and Training Handbook.

New intervention to foster social inclusion of and gender equality among refugees through sport and physical activity. The guidelines will detail the new intervention. The Training Handbook will be for coaches who will deliver the intervention.

Pilot the New Intervention (Implementation Period) 

Barça Foundation will conduct training seminars (1-3 days’ duration) with identifed local and refugee coaches from each implementing partner in Catalonia, Greece, Germany and Denmark. Total 40 coaches across all 4 contexts. The trained coaches will then deliver the intervention twice-weekly for 9 months in their respective contexts. Total 300 refugees and asylum seekers will participate across all 4 contexts. Barça Foundation will conduct programmatic support and follow-up throughout the season.

Local Intergration Events Quarterly events (X3 per-country) that are open to refugee and local residents. Events might include workshops or educational activities. Total 200 people across all 4 contexts.

Monitor and Evaluation the New Intervention Monitoring and evaluation tools and site visits to capture data throughout the implementation period (questionnaires, surveys etc.) The external evaluation will generate an Evaluation Report.

 Massive Open Online Course:

Based on the content and lessons learnt from the project, BF will develo pan online training module for coaches and educators working in civil society and sports organisations throughout Europe. Proposed content: Presentation of BF and work with refugees; Coaches as key drivers of social integration of refugees through sport; Cross-cutting issues e.g. gender, diversity, family and community; games and activities that promote gender equality; Measures to promote female participation.  Total 2000 people.

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