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Title: SCORE (Social inClusion Of REfugee women through sports)

Coordinator: Organization Earth (GR)

Partners: Eleven Campaign (UK)

                CESIE (IT)

                FOPSIM (MT)

                Girl Power Organisation (DK)

Project's Duration: 24 months (1/2020 – 12/2021)

Short description

SCORE project is an Erasmus+ Sport collaborative partnership, leaded by Organization Earth, focusing on the enhancement of refugee women’s social inclusion through sport participation. Intellectual outputs include a research study about refugee women’s sport participation, a capacity building training course for inclusive coaching and a web-tool for promoting refugee women’s sport participation.

Target group

Sports coaches, Refugee women aged 18+, local communities, associated organizations, NGs, professionals who are dealing with refugees.


Output 1:

Output 2:

Output 3:

Data collection and Good practices analysis report aims to:

- Provide the basis for the development of all subsequent IOs

- “Set the scene” for customizing SCORE project’s overall contribution to target group.

- Provide a comprehensive understanding of all the issues related to the social integration.

Capacity Building Training Course on Inclusive Coaching aims to:

- Transfer educational objectives about cultural diversity, intercultural equality and social inclusion of refugee women into practice.

- Serve as a guidebook for an inclusive training of coaches and representatives of the sport clubs to support the social inclusion of refugee women.

- Provide a practical framework for acquiring specific and targeted education.

Web-tool for integration through sports

This Output includes the development of a web-tool for integration which will be a fundamental tool towards the achievement of the project’s objectives. It will be used for the implementation of the intervention, as a tool for triggering participants’ interest, and a means of communicating, and importantly, disseminating and exploiting of the project’s results.

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